Sailor Rynni

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Fuzz has taken over

It surrounds me

Holds me tight

Moves my legs

left, right, left, right

Keeps my chin to my chest

Head numbed

Forget everything else, forget everything else

It’s just you and me

Padding between me and everything else


leave it all behind, leave it all behind, leave it all behind.. leave it all behind….


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Love Note

Dear Ryn,

I’ve always wanted to get to know you better. You seem like such a kind person, but sometimes I’m not so sure. You try so hard, so so hard, to be kind to others, but in doing that are unkind to yourself. I don’t think I can truly call you kind, until you are kind to the most important person in your life. I’ll be kind to you always. I swear! So you can learn what it feels like.

I’d love to get to together and learn more about you. What I already know is so intriguing, the way you love animals and are always prepared for everything. I know your the mom of your group and the way you care for your friends is so endearing. I’d like to care for you like that.

Your taste in food is impeccable, and I noticed how when you try something delicious you always try and get everyone to taste it, too. But your allowed more than a spoonful of delicious things. I can get you more.

I like you,

I think I might even love you.

Do you feel the same?




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Start and End


the lights are too bright

the sounds are too loud

the scents are too strong

everything comes with such ferocity

i just want to ask

“please go slower”

the dizziness

the hurried breaths

the dull buzzing between my ears





i can cope

it’ll never be perfect

but i am able to function

things still go too fast sometimes

but i’m not paralyzed by it

the lights are there

the sounds are there

the scents are there

but i am here.

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Here are poems from the chapbook I made for a poetry class.

There is only one building left 

Over 100 stories high and it keeps growing

It’s more of a skyscraper than a building


All the other buildings have been left to waste away

The hotter climate has caused forests to grow 

where they’ve never grown before

Foliage takes over the plains that were once populated

Given time nature can recover,

But time is the thing people always think they are short of

There are no humans though

Only a single robot is left to maintain everything

But more than the building,

It’s what’s inside


Timmy Phillips


Exploration was dead til we came here


Unlimited miles of blue ocean

As many undiscovered islands as can be imagined

So much to see

So much to experience

Magic as reality

Dragons as pets

People with wings

Life is a fairytale

A storybook

Who would ever tire of such a life?

Jordan Wilson

Used to be

I purchased shelter






But currency is unnecessary now

With endless resources, money is worthless

All the work I put in before: worthless

All the work I do now: worthless 

They say to do what makes me happy

To have fun without earning it

Everything is meaningless

Annalise Robertson

Golden locks

Bright blue eyes

Unmarked porcelain skin

Long lean legs

Perfectly proportioned


It does not matter anymore

Anyone can look like that

I can look however I want

I feel free, I guess,

But also confused

What matters anymore?

Genetics are a joke

My beauty is obsolete

After knowingly using it for years

What do I do now?

Robert Anderson







It does not matter anymore

Everyone has enough

I can do what I want

I feel free

But also confused

Everything is different now

Everything is a joke

People are obsolete 

After having no place for years

What do I do now?

Daisies pop up through the cracked sidewalks

Oak trees crack the tiled floors of abandoned hotels

Ivy climbs up skyscrapers

Dragging them back toward the ground

Weeds reclaim their property

Moss breaks down highways

Tall grasses hide guardrails

Billboards covered by flowered tendrils

Berries litter the ground, blown around by the wind

Plants aplenty,

No one to partake

The one building left

Untouched by human hands

It is impossible to tell how tall it has become

Geometric corners separate it from the wilderness 

Tall grass surrounds the building,

But thick concrete walls prevent invasion

The towering structure lacks personality:

There are no windows

There are no doors

There are no colors

There are no textures

There are no people

A sterile inside matches the outside

White walls match white floors

Accented by metal tables,

Kept at a constant 62 degrees fahrenheit

The lower levels are filled with giant metal freezers

Inside the only evidence of humanity’s physical life

Four feet tall

Metallic, blocky body

Sharp sensors for eyes

Small rubber wheels to move

Carefully contracted hands,

able to handle the most fragile objects

A hard drive connected to the building

The ability to know everything that happens 

Security guard,







A single console sits at the heart of the building

Extremities snake out from it in all directions

Tall, metal boxes line the floors above

New metal boxes are added every day 

They are the homes of humanity’s memories 

And its future

The console has one screen

It’s dark 

Because there’s no one to see










Everything… has been done



Nothing left

No… more…



So… tired…

sleep…. now