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Not Like Other Girls

“You’re not like other girls,” he tells her as he not-so-subtly shoves his hand down her pants.

“I’m not like other girls,” she tells them flaunting her bare face and flipping her dirty, unbrushed hair.

Yeah. Okay. But what does that even mean? What areĀ otherĀ girls like? And what is wrong with them? Why is it so bad to be like them?

Let’s stop creating unnecessary competition between girls. All girls are great. Girls shouldn’t feel the need to separate themselves from everyone else just because of stereotypes. Being a girl who is like all other girls is fine.

People tend to feel this huge need to differentiate themselves from the crowd. We claim that we’re weird because we wear false lashes to the grocery store or have never had a drop of foundation touch our face, but, newsflash, there are millions of people exactly like you. That does not make you special or unique.

But that’s okay.

Being like everyone else is not always bad. Do what feels right to you even if everyone else is doing that. Be different if that feels right, but stop putting down others to make yourself feel better.

“Differentness” does not automatically make anyone special or better; it just makes them different. They are neither superior nor inferior. These differences also shouldn’t be used to discriminate. Small idiosyncrasies should not be as big a deal as some people make them out to be.

No one is exactly the same. Normal is a fake concept. Most of these differences are social constructs that do not mean anything in the big picture.

What I mean by all this is don’t be ashamed of who you are. Straight teeth or red lipstick won’t make you a good or bad person. Own who you are. Make the qualities that other’s call bad and show them how great they actually are.

Choose what you think is most important to make person worth knowing and work towards that. Don’t change yourself, instead learn how to work with your qualities. And don’t put others down for being basic or being different.

Do the things that you see as admirable in others.

Find your own meaning to life and run with it.